Love is arguably the best emotion we have.

I believe anger is the second-best emotion. Turning Your Demons Into Diamonds is based on my personal struggles and triumphs, and provides a step-by-step plan to turn the negative effects of anger into something extremely positive and motivating. This presentation teaches that individuals can grow from hardship, and encourages the audience to leave the past behind while finding new hope for the future. I will finally answer why we all have hardship, where it comes from and what it is trying to do – the real reason hardship enters our lives. This presentation is structured for people facing all kinds of adversity in their lives: stress, disabilities, chronic pain, severe addictions, depression or any unwanted event.

Duration: 60 minutes

Goals and Benefits

  • To help participants achieve successes from their own hardships
  • To end self-defeating attitudes
  • To explain the power of anger
  • To help the audience members identify when something has happened to disrupt their lives
  • To improve self esteem
  • To provide lasting tools that will go with the participants everywhere
  • To make the tools provided easy to use