Forged In the Heart of Fire

How do you embrace change when it happens? Whether it is in a corporate restructure, new initiatives, a policy role out or change from unforeseen circumstances this presentation will ignite the audience in positively impact the outcome of change.

Spencer opens his heart and relives his story to share with the audience how every fearful and painful moment was to become a blessing. By using his expert story-telling and amazing sense of humor Spencer will ignite the audience to believing in the power of help. He will share why change is positive as the audience discovers his greatest lesson was Forged in the Heart of Fire.

This presentation will never leave you as Spencer’s messages will be applicable throughout life.

Duration: 60 minutes

Goals and Benefits

  • To inspire the audience to actively work with new initiates, policies and restructuring
  • To remove barriers from accepting and asking for help
  • To remove the hesitation created from the uncertainty of change
  • To prioritize what is important in life and what are distractions
  • To improve positive communication through change
  • To create a positive work environment through change
  • To make the tools provided easy to use

Turning Your Demons Into Diamonds

We all have days we wish never occurred. What if there was a way to take these bad days and turn them into days we treasure, days we find strength from, days we are even proud of? Turning Your Demons into Diamonds takes the audience through my own bad days and how I had lost all hope while recovering from severe burns. Yet it was in that darkness that I found light, hope, strength, and resilience. This presentation will teach why we have bad days, the purpose to them and how to find strength from them. This session will aid the audience when any challenge enters their life. Even the bad days!

Duration: 60 minutes

Goals and Benefits

  • To help participants achieve¬†successes from their own hardships
  • To end self-defeating attitudes
  • To explain the power of anger
  • To help the audience members identify when something has happened to disrupt their lives
  • To improve self esteem
  • The healing cycle we go through when hardship finds us
  • To provide lasting tools that will go with the participants everywhere