My name is Spencer Beach

I wouldn’t change what happened to me,
let me tell you why.


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Welcome to Spencer Speaks

Every day we wake up and live our lives following the same routine. We get up at the same time, eat the same breakfast and kiss our spouses goodbye as we leave for work. On our way, we fill our lives with fleeting thoughts about dinner, our jobs, or obligations later in the day. My name is Spencer Beach and I learned that sometimes tragedy chooses you for no reason at all. On a day like any other, just doing my job, I found myself suddenly engulfed in a flash fire. It came with a whistle and a bang, changing my life within the blink of an eye. Forever. Within twenty seconds, I received third and fourth degree burns to 90 percent of my body. I fought through the fire to escape, to live even though I thought I was going to die. Holding onto the fading thoughts of my wife and the developing child within her womb gave me the courage to find a way out. But I had no idea what survival would mean.


I remember sitting in the hospital when the pain was still very real. My anger losing its edge. My anxiety fading. I remembered only vaguely that I had been horribly depressed. I was happy! That was the moment I knew I had messages to share. And I knew I had a voice. Some people warned me to not get my hopes up: becoming a professional speaker was a nice idea, but a pipe dream. But if the fire hadn’t stopped me, I wasn’t going to let anything else stop me, either. I wasn’t going to give up my dream just because it would be difficult! I knew exactly what I was meant to do—to use my experiences to help others. And with the help of countless friends, new and old, I left the fire behind and moved forward to my life.

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