In this interactive presentation, I explain different types and severities of burns. As I address the most common demographic found in the burn unit – children – l teach not to fear fire but to respect it. My account of how I deal with the burns to my body and face helps build the childrens’ self esteem and sense of purpose. I show the boys and girls what a “can-do” attitude really is, and encourage them to adopt such an attitude in their own lives.

Duration: 45–60 minutes, depending on the school’s class structure

Goals and Benefits

  • To teach about fire and burns
  • To show the importance of handling fire safely
  • To offer tools to understand self image
  • To help guide personal discovery
  • To offer strategies to overcome tough times


I give a tell-all presentation of my own experiences and decisions in middle and high school, leading up to my life-altering fire. The theme of this presentation is that teens are responsible for their own actions, and for the consequences of their decisions. I speak candidly about drugs and alcohol and how the use and abuse of these substances was not only the greatest mistake of my life as it changed my career path – which ultimately led to me being burned at work. I tell my story to emphasize the importance of safety and to explain how safety will preserve the students’ lives. I offer tools to deal with anger and hardship, and to build self esteem, and I explain how I found my purpose.

Duration: 50 – 90 minutes, depending on the school class structure

Goals and Benefits

  • To teach the students they are responsible for their actions
  • To teach about the harmful effects of drug use and alcohol abuse
  • To improve the students’ concept of safety
  • To help guide the adolescent’s attitude to one of positive self-awareness
  • To show how to overcome adversity
  • To help recognize feelings of hopelessness and regain hope